At SontarahLife in Phoenix, AZ, we teach CPR courses that will help you save lives in an emergency.

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For the best CPR training in Phoenix, AZ, families turn to SontarahLife for life-saving education that instills confidence to handle even serious...
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Direct care giving industry in need of crisis prevention in Phoenix, AZ can take heart knowing there is hope right here at home. SontarahLife is the Valley’s number one...
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Where can you go for caring, compassionate family services in Phoenix, AZ? At SontarahLife, our staff is completely dedicated to helping you and...

Comprehensive crisis prevention services from SontarahLife in Phoenix, AZ can be real life savers.

Welcome to SontarahLife

At SontarahLife, we specialize in CPR training, crisis prevention and intervention, and family services. We serve clients throughout the Valley with attentive, effective programs designed to help people by teaching them to help themselves. Phoenix, AZ area families in need can become members of our 501c3 non-profit organization, and then qualify for a wide range of education and assistance services.

Through our education, referrals, and other support systems, participating families have access to services provided by staff and volunteers dedicated to improving—and saving—lives in traditionally under-served communities. The impact of our programs contributes to the health and well-being of these communities, empowering and uplifting those with whom we partner for success.

CPR and first aid training are invaluable tools that can be the difference between life and death in case of an emergency. Our courses will give you the confidence to apply your knowledge quickly and effectively in the event someone’s life is in danger.

Our crisis prevention program is a comprehensive process involving intervention, anger management, and behavior awareness. Due to our extensive experience, we recognize various behaviors for what they are and can help channel energies in a more positive direction as we work to minimize conflict and crisis.

We also offer other family services, including domestic violence intervention, marital, and parenting counseling. We are always hard at work helping families help themselves live and interact in a positive, respectful manner conducive to unit cohesion and, ultimately, success. SontarahLife—saving lives through the power of knowledge. To learn more about how we can help your family, call or visit us for a consultation.